About The Connecticut Partnership for Balanced Growth

Connecticut can strike a balance between development and conservation.

Community leaders, developers, government officials and concerned citizens are making it happen. We've come together with a shared belief that growth and development are essential to economic prosperity. We also know that some places need to be preserved. We can and must do both.

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We invite you to join The Connecticut Partnership for Balanced Growth.

We develop strategies and advocate for policies that balance the need for growth with responsible stewardship of the environment.

Undeveloped land, unsurpassed quality of life.

Some 380 years after the Dutch first sailed up the Connecticut River, 81% of our state remains undeveloped, according to the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Connecticut today offers one of the world's highest qualities of life. Thoughtful, balanced development has made it possible.

There's more than one strategy for balanced growth.

We believe that in conservation and development, all types of land-use planning tools should be considered, including "smart growth" principles. At the same time, we want to make certain that evolving "smart growth" principles don't come to mean "no growth" for Connecticut, but instead provide citizens with reasonable choices for where they want to live, work, play and shop.

We're a 501C-4 nonprofit.

Our job is to advise the people of Connecticut on sound land-use policy, while considering the property rights essential to free enterprise.

We focus on the issues:

bullet Collaborative land-use planning that balances major stakeholder interests. 
bullet Land-use planning that considers all community needs, from open space to housing to economic development in urban, suburban and rural areas.
bullet Market-driven land-use policies that are both economically  viable and practical.
bullet Encouraging development in areas served by adequate infrastructure, without denying consumers reasonable choices for where they want to live, work, shop and play.
bullet Timely, cost-effective, predictable development decisions that free up resources to meet broader community needs.

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